PCB Assembly

We also have ability for PCB layout, PCBA  and Circuit assembly, specializes in producing the various electronic products based on your customized designs and do pcba, pcb assembly for all kinds of small, medium Volume electronic products.
Enabling you to focus on product development and sales, we can solve your production technology issues and take care of product quality.


The operation we can handle for you is from the Bare pc board fabrication, full component procurement, SMT/BGA/DIP assembly, mechanical/case assembly, rubber molding, functional testing, repair, inspection of finished goods to shipment arrangement.


    SMD package, Chip-on-board and Flip Chip assembly technique
    0201 chip, Micro BGA, u-BGA, QFN and LGA assembly
    AI and Thru-hole assembly
    RoHS, REACH compliance and Lead-Free solder technology
    Chip Programming
    Conformal Coating
    ICT test and AOI inspection
    ESD Protection Control Procedure
    IPC-A-610E Class II and Class III Workmanship Standard

    Source: http://www.fr4-pcb.com/provide-99173-pcb-assembly

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