High Quality PCB Production Service - Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

China Prototype & Production PCB Manufacturer, focus on quality and cost
Turnkey assembly easy-ordering to help you realize the design easier and faster
1-3 day shipping, No minimum quantity.

PCB Production
We offer both prototype and volume PCB production, also with turnkey PCB assembly service under one roof. We produce full specification include rigid, flex-rigid ,HDI boards up to 12 layers with trace/space as 4/4 mil, special specification like heavy copper, blind via, countersink, gold fingers etc.

We are committed to continuously reduce cost and transfer as low prices to our customers, and keeping the products at high quality level, we believe it is the right way to serve our customers.


Why buy from us
We are professional Prototype and Production PCB manufacturer from China, dedicated to provide the best valuable PCB and assembly service with quality and low price.

Price & Quality
We were asked by many web visitors before ordering: Why your PCB price is so cheap, will it effect the quality? The answer is NO, here are why our prices are low:
Minimum Quality Cost
Better manufacturing quality could reduce the unnecessary extra cost by fake products.
Production Cost Control
Optimize manufacturing process for prototyping production process, and enhance the production efficiency, that make low cost for both prototype and production.
Prototype Process Method
Prototyping is to share the cost for different part number, for example 10 different part number could be paneled as 1 part number then main tooling cost only 10%.

High quality PCB production service - Turnkey PCB assembly service
High quality PCB production service - Turnkey PCB assembly service

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